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If you’re looking for effective chronic pain management and interventional pain treatments, consider visiting Dr. Myrna Zalaket at Clinique du Levant in Beirut, Lebanon.

As a valued member of your treatment team, Dr. Zalaket takes a comprehensive approach to address your pain concerns and improve your quality of life.

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Frequently asked questions
We offer a variety of injection therapy and medical management of pain. We also perform diagnostic procedures for referring physicians to assist in identifying the cause of your pain. We may also arrange physical therapy and other specialty consults.

At your first visit to Dr. Myrna Zalaket, for pain management in Beirut, there will be a complete history, physical exam, and review of all your medications. During this visit, the physician will discuss options that may benefit you. Patient care is unique to each patient and delivered through a patient-centered approach.

Treatment of chronic pain is not a passive endeavor. The patient is an active participant in their ongoing care.

How often you visit your pain management doctor is assessed based on patient needs and treatments, which are determined during the initial consultation.

Injection therapy is the precision-guided delivery of medication to specific areas of the body to reduce or control pain. Various types of medications are used with this treatment. We can discuss this further with you at your appointment.
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Dr. Myrna Zalaket,  Interventional Pain Doctor in Beirut, Lebanon.

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